Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

Heat Effects in Biofuels Processes

Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids

Module 1: Calculation of  \Delta H,  \Delta S for butyric acid during a fast pyrolysis process

Module 2: Estimate enthalpy and entropy changes for a biomass ammonia pretreatment process

Module 3: Determine Q, W,  \Delta U,  \Delta H, and  \Delta S for a hot compressed water (HCW) biomass pretreatment process

Module 4: Residual properties by equations of state for a biosludge pyrolysis process

Vapor/Liquid Equilibrium

Module 1: Application of Raoults law to a fermentation broth in equilibrium to its vapor phase

Module 2: Application of modified Raoults in a fat oil to biodiesel process

Module 3: Application of modified Raoults law in a vacuum fermentation process

Module 4: P_{bub} and P_{dew} calculation based on the DePriester chart for a fast pyrolysis and hydrotreating process

Module 5: Determination of dewpoint and bubblepoint pressures of a product mixture from a plastic waste pyrolysis process

Module 6: K-value correlations for product mixture from fast pyrolysis of mallee woody biomas

Module 7: VLE calculation based on K-value correlations and Raoults law for fast pyrolysis of mallee woody biomass

Module 8: Flash calculation for a plastic waste pyrolysis process

Module 9: Determine bubblepoint and dewpoint pressures for an ABE fermentation process

Module 10: Application of Henry's law to a wet air oxidation process as a pretreatment strategy for bioethanol production

Module 11: Flash calculaion for butanol production through ABE fermentation

Module 12 [Design Problem]: Design a flash separator for biodiesel separation

Solution Thermodynamics

Module 1: Property change of mixing: steam gasification

Module 2: Property change of mixing in a Fischer-Tropsch process

Module 3: Partial properties in biodiesel production and separation

Module 4: Estimating fugacity of a raw material for bio-ETBE

Module 5: Estimate VLE models by Margules, Van Laar and Wilson equations for a batch fermentation VLE data